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Team Productivity in a Remote Working Environment: a Vodafone & Radically perspective

Remote working is the new norm for New Zealanders. With the country on lockdown, prime minister Jacinda Ardern has suggested businesses prepare to operate in level 2, 3 or 4 for a significant length of time.

Most companies have their people connected and working from home, but remote work is different to in-person work in a number of significant ways. It isn’t simply a matter of doing what you do now, but online.

Vodafone NZ introduced flexible working for staff a long time ago, so has been through the challenge of integrating remote work. Over the last 18 months Radically has been Vodafone’s Agile Transformation partner. In this webinar, we shared our combined experience in maintaining and improving team productivity in a remote working environment.

Visual Recording

Again, the inspirational Sujith Ramachandra has produced a beautiful visual canvas of the webinar. Go grab a high resolution version, click on the picture below.

Webinar Recording

Supporting Documents

A copy of the slides can be found here.

Answers to all the questions we didn’t get time to get to can be found here.

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