Remote Facilitation Webinar

How to Run an Engaging and Productive Digital Meeting

24 April 2020

Bad meetings suck, right? Even worse, bad meetings cost companies a lot of money.  Digital meetings can be worse if people don’t know how to run them well. 

The good news is that with a plethora of incredible digital tools, whiteboards and activities, digital meetings can be even more productive than physical ones. But successful remote digital events requires sound facilitation. Join us to learn how. 

In this webinar, we shared how to become an awesome remote facilitator. Run meetings that are engaging, productive and fun! 

Visual Recording

Sujith Ramachandra has again produced a beautiful visual canvas. For a high-resolution version, click on the picture below.

Remote Facilitation

Webinar Recording

Remote Digital Facilitation Training Course

We’ve received a lot of questions following the webinar about where you can access training in these skills. Based on that, we listed a public version of our Remote Digital Facilitation training course. We usually only run this course privately for clients, however, given the interest, we’ve now made this available to the general public.   Click here to register.

Supporting Documents

A copy of the slides can be found here.

Here are a couple of useful articles to help you on your journey

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