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Radically runs a regular webinar series where we share insights, lessons and thought leadership.  All sessions are free to attend and everyone is welcome.

Past webinars are listed below.

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Past Webinars

Agile at Scale - Lessons Learned from the Vodafone NZ Agile Transformation

The Vodafone NZ Agile Transformation was one of the largest Agile @ Scale transformations of its type. In this webinar, Vodafone NZ’s key partner, Radically, shared their approach and key lessons learned. Access webinar here.

Adaptive Ways of Working from the COVID-19 Crisis - Agile Leadership Collective

During the COVID crisis, we had to throw the rule book out the window and figure out how to best work together. We worked adaptively, across silos, to achieve the most important things for our customers. Learn how 3 NZ organisations are applying lessons from this crisis to make them more resilient and adaptive. Access webinar

Neel Doshi Primed to Perform

In this dynamic presentation, New York Times Bestselling Author and Global Human Motivation Expert Neel Doshi, explained both the science and some actionable experiments attendees can run in their workplace. Access webinar

Agile Leadership & Customer Centricity

Learn how agile leadership creates an environment where people can thrive and do what’s best for the customer. Learn what the key pillars of Agile Leadership are and how they can help you unlock customer-centricity. Access webinar

Remote Facilitation: How to Run an Engaging and Productive Digital Meeting Page

We’ve all sat through bad meetings. They suck right? Digital meetings can be just as bad. There is an art to running meetings that are engaging, productive and fun. In this webinar, we share how you can become a remote facilitation master using a core set of tips, tricks and tools. Access webinar

Team Productivity in a Remote Working Environment: a Vodafone & Radically perspective

Most companies have their people connected and working from home, but remote work is different to in-person work in a number of significant ways. It isn’t simply a matter of doing what you do now, but online. Access webinar