Ways of Working

Move beyond bureaucratic, siloed hierarchies

to become a rapid-paced

learning organisation.

We live and work in a complex, rapidly changing world, yet many firms are still applying Industrial Age work practices. Organizations that still run on mechanical, hierarchical command systems in a world of networked individuals are struggling to remain relevant and attract the right talent. To evolve, many need a fundamental rethink of how work is done.

How we can help


We assess your current approach, what within it is working and what isn’t. From this we develop a clear picture of your organisation and what we think it needs to thrive. We work with you to define new ways of working and together create a roadmap for change.


We implement new ways of working with your teams using proven experience, knowledge and care. Pragmatism is at the core of how we work and we known for being empathetic, nurturing and supportive. We bring decades of proven experience from working through Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.


No plan survives first contact with reality. We create jointly-staffed working groups that oversee the new ways of working and help continually adapt them, based on real-world uptake. Often these groups will oversee important changes to adjacent areas such people leadership programmes, career pathways and role progression.


Case studies

Our outcomes


Team Efficiency


Stakeholders Satisfaction


Increased Engagement

Our insights

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Edwin Dando — June 2, 2020

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