Build an adaptive organisation
with a trusted transformation partner

How we can help

Strategic Planning

Understand why you want to become more adaptive and what strategic advantage it will bring your firm. Together, we co-create a North Star, the key initiatives, success metrics and change plans to achieve this, tailoring the approach to meet your unique organisation. The outcome is a clear North Star and Roadmap for change, with agreed check-points.

Change Management

We co-lead your transformation with pragmatism and a strong focus on business outcomes, providing the tools, training and coaching needed to embed and sustain the change. As your partner, we provide the scaffolding for your teams, while in parallel building your internal capability to sustain agile in the long run without us.


We prepare your team to run the model effectively without us. We develop the required playbooks, career pathways, training and leadership development programmes to embed new capability. This is a gradual transition over time resulting in your team being fully equipped to carry the success forward into the future without us.


Case studies

Our insights

How to give effective feedback

Edwin Dando — November 22, 2021

Many self-managing teams struggle to reach a truly high-performing state. When an organisation moves to a self-management model, a key service centralised management traditionally played – giving feedback – is often ignored, leaving teams struggling to truly grow.  In this article, we share how to[…]

How to receive feedback

Edwin Dando — November 11, 2021

Feedback is a critical part of building an adaptive organisation. While people have talked about how to give effective feedback, little has been said on how to receive feedback.  In the early years of Radically, we tried to build a strong feedback culture, and frankly, we[…]

How to apply Agile in business

Edwin Dando — May 11, 2021

I recently spoke with a diverse group of small-medium business owners about how to apply agile in business.  The audience was both big and small firms from almost every business sector conceivable, from manufacturing to construction, media, health care, real estate right through to a[…]