Tiziano Rullo

Tiziano Rullo

Principal Consultant

Tiziano has a focus on continuously improving the way organisations approach the challenges of a modern workplace, as well as how individuals show up and interact with each other, to create a productive and sustainable work environment.

Tiziano has worked with numerous delivery and leadership teams in the agile space, both in advisory and execution roles over the past few years. In addition to this, Tiziano is a Certified Holacracy Coach who has played a leading role in the adoption of this self-organisation framework throughout multiple organisations.

He has also taught Holacracy alongside its founder, Brian Robertson.

In his most recent engagements, Tiziano has led the adaptive transformation for Gallagher, been a key consultant in Auckland Transport’s agile journey, acted as a coach for Vodafone NZ and led the agile change for the IT function at Open Country.

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