Sujith Ramachandra

Sujith Ramachandra

Principal Consultant

Sujith’s motivation is to support teams and individuals to deliver valuable and impactful outcomes. He believes this is best done by listening, understanding and helping individuals realise their untapped potential. Hopefully whilst having a bit of fun on the journey. He also has a strong passion for visualisation and facilitation, more specifically materialising what’s in our heads to better align and bring teams together.

Sujith started his career off as a programmer and worked his way through leadership roles as Service Delivery Manager and Senior Project Manager at Gentrack Ltd. After getting exposed to Agile, Sujith realised how much can be achieved through having the foundation of an Agile Mindset.

Sujith’s previous experience mean’s that he can help teams embrace change by empathising and understanding how to unravel the traditional norms we have had to experience.

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