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Tired of missing your delivery milestones and feeling like your delivery is spinning around in circles? We can help you get unstuck by reviewing the way you deliver work to come up with a plan of action to get your project back on track.

Project Delivery

Deliver your project or programme successfully. Engage one of our expert delivery coaches that can help you deliver or coach your delivery leader in better ways to deliver. Our team bring modern and fresh thinking to traditional delivery, with real results that shift mindsets, behaviours and outcomes.


Delivery often gets stuck due to ineffective governance. We have helped organisations unlock their delivery potential through re-imagining the way we think of governance, ensuring that the right decisions are made in a timely manner, and risks and impediments are addressed in a transparent way.


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What is the ROI on Agile?

Edwin Dando — June 2, 2020

Many organisations have adopted agile but how many ask the obvious question: What is the ROI on our investment in Agile and how will we measure it? There are two ways I’d like to explore this topic: from the perspective of delivering an initiative (a[…]

Leading High Performing Teams

Edwin Dando — July 13, 2018

Throughout my career I have helped many leaders adapt their style to one that better supports teams reach a high-performing state. Across a wide range of different industries the patterns of high-performing teams, and how leaders help shape them, have some striking consistencies.

Balancing Autonomy with Accountability

Edwin Dando — June 1, 2018

Many organisations are embracing agile ways of working in an attempt to build faster, more customer-focused and resilient organisations. They are redesigning themselves to create a culture where decision making is transitioned away from middle management towards those working with customers at the coal face. Ultimately, they seek engagement in order …