Operating Model Design

Architect a new operating model

as the platform for accelerating

strategy delivery.

Many organisations adopt new ways of working only to find it creates tensions elsewhere. Over time, the organisation reverts back to how it has always done things and the investment in new ways of working is lost. One way to avoid this is to realign the organisation to a clear and agreed operating model. An operating model is based on strategic intent and includes the business model, target customer, capabilities needed, and ways of working required. It is a blueprint that represents how value is delivered by an organisation.

How we can help


Understand your strategic intent and define the key principles for a successful model. Design and test the model with a range of business stakeholders.


Apply the model as a contained pilot with a jointly staffed, cross-functional support and governance group. We assess what works well and where there are areas of friction and address these while in pilot.


Expand the model further in the organisation. This may be a large scale roll out, or an iterative “inspect and adapt” approach depending on the context.


Case studies

Our outcomes


Team Efficiency


Stakeholders Satisfaction


Increased Engagement

Our insights

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