Agility for Executives

The Agility for Executives workshop helps executives understand the strategic potential of agile and how it can be used for both business design and delivery.

It also prepares executives for how to lead an agile organization including the cultural change, governance, funding, and behavioural shifts required.

Changes accelerated by digital technologies have come at a breakneck pace in the past decade, forcing businesses to adapt or be swept aside. ‘Disruptor’ companies have rewritten the rules in major industries and are transforming customer experience. It’s not surprising, then, that agility has become a commonly cited business imperative in recent years.

Workshop Overview

This half-day Agility for Executives workshop is run in-house only. You will:

  • Understand the strategic potential of agile
  • Understand the core agile principles and how they apply to a range of organisational functions
  • Build awareness of where agile should and shouldn’t be applied
  • Understand a range of different agile operating models and their suitability to different situations.
  • Appreciate the type of leadership and management that works best with agile
  • Explore how agile might work in your organisation

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