Learn adaptive programme
management for the
delivery of large complex programmes
of work.

Adaptive Programme Delivery

This is a 2-day masterclass that explores how adaptive delivery can be applied at a programme level to design transparent governance processes, support a positive delivery culture, create alignment and ultimately set up a large, complex programme for successful delivery in today’s dynamic environment.

The class is a strongly experiential learning experience, with students learning through immersive, hands-on activities. Attendees will come away with new perspectives and tools for delivering large-scale programmes of work using adaptive delivery practices.

Who is Adaptive Programme Delivery for?

Adaptive Programme Delivery is a masterclass is for people involved in undertaking complex transformational change programmes looking to augment and elevate their delivery approaches to set up their programmes for success in a changing world.

Key Topics

  • Adaptive delivery in a large programme context

  • Tailoring approaches to the programme needs

  • Setting up your programme for success

  • Programme Delivery Model

  • Adaptive Delivery governance, tools and ceremonies

  • Work through real life scenarios


2 days


Radically Collaborative Space, HB Central, Ground Floor, 3 Lorne Street, Auckland, Auckland 1010