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Take the first step and launch your teams through our Agile lift-off programme. Experience how Agile applied to your IT and Software teams can significantly improve the value delivered. Validate the new way of working, and use the learnings to build a sustainable, long-term change.

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Improve your delivery effectiveness with modern ways of working. We review your current delivery and create an implementation roadmap of tangible improvements aligned to your desired outcomes. We leverage off decades of experience of turning around Agile IT teams.


Take the change to the next level and transform your team. Create a high-performing culture using our deep expertise and experience from some of New Zealand’s most complex transformations. We’ll provide our playbooks, agile coaching support and education needed to support your journey.


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The Power of Transparency

Edwin Dando — October 30, 2020

Transparency is critical for agility, but often the power of transparency is challenged by long-hold cultural norms. This article shares examples of the power of transparency and how it can be used to create breakthroughs in performance.

What is the ROI on Agile?

Edwin Dando — June 2, 2020

Many organisations have adopted agile but how many ask the obvious question: What is the ROI on our investment in Agile and how will we measure it? There are two ways I’d like to explore this topic: from the perspective of delivering an initiative (a[…]

Designing for agility

Edwin Dando — August 22, 2019

Forward thinking firms are realising that in order to thrive in a world of uncertainty they need to fundamentally rethink themselves beyond the tactical “doing” mindset (processes, frameworks and methodologies), to an adaptive mindset, based on a culture of collaboration and and a team-centered approach to problem solving. Culture, HR, …


Agile came from the need to improve software development, and it’s changed the way we work. By frequently delivering small pieces of customer value, teams can obtain customer feedback and change course as required – saving costs and improving the quality of the solution.

We review your current delivery model, interview the team and use a data-driven approach to provide a roadmap. Within 2-6 weeks, you will have a plan to implement tangible improvements using modern ways of working.